What are the main functions and functions of Bacillus licheniformis?

What are the main functions and functions of Bacillus licheniformis? This is a technical question. What are the main functions and functions of bacillus subtilis, bacillus licheniformis,EM bacteria manufacturers? After looking through the relevant materials, I come up with my own opinions.

1. Antagonize animal pathogenic bacteria and maintain and adjust gastrointestinal microecological balance
In the process of growth and metabolism, a variety of antibacterial substances can be produced, which have a strong antagonistic effect on staphylococci and candida albicans. This product into the intestines and stomach after planting and breeding fast, consume oxygen, forming a low oxygen environment, to the intestinal tract of physiologic anaerobic bacteria such as bifidobacterium, lactobacillus, digestive streptococcus beneficial microorganisms grow create favorable conditions, so as to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, to adjust the dysbacteriosis, make intestines and stomach function was restored.

2, produce a variety of enzymes and improve animal digestive enzyme activity Bacillus licheniformis can produce a variety of active enzymes, such as protease, amylase, lipase, pectinase, glucanase, cellulase, etc. At the same time, it can also produce a variety of enzymatic factors, enhance the activity of animal digestive enzymes, promote the growth of cultured animals, and improve the utilization rate of feed.

3. Enhance the immune function of animals
This product can enhance the body specific and non-specific immune response, promote the phagocytic activity of macrophages, improve the ability to fight infection. There are many lichen spore producers on the market. However, the quality varies. Although some contain a large number of bacteria, they have a high rate of bacteria and have poor effect. Therefore, it is necessary to choose big brands. This article only represents the author's own opinions, such as what are the main functions and functions of bacillus lichens? Have different views, can call or come to the factory for discussion.

How do brewers turn into pig feed?

How do brewers turn into pig feed? The brewery is well known as distiller's grains, and the production of distiller's grains in China is considerably every year. Distiller's grains is a by-product of microorganism fermented grain, with high nutrition, which contains protein, amino acids, fat and inorganic elements.

In liquor production enterprises, various enterprises such as Guizhou Moutai, Gujing tribute wine and Luzhou Laojiao have realized the recovery and utilization of distiller's grains. In May 1991, grudgingly lees comprehensive utilization project "by the provincial science and Technology Commission awarded the science and technology achievement award. In addition, Anhui Dongfang Xinxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a group owned by Gujing Group, is the only time company to use large-scale Aerospace biotechnology to deal with distiller's grains. Its ancient well base in Bozhou can handle 400 thousand tons of distiller's grains production capacities.

China energy conservation and environmental protection group co operate with Moutai group circular economy industrial investment and Development Co., Ltd. to construct 100 thousand tons of distillers grains and produce natural gas and organic fertilizer annually. It will also build corresponding treatment facilities according to the increment of distillers' grains.

At the point of a circular economy, the use of distiller's grains is "waste utilization", and from the point of view of the industrial extension, the distiller's grains can "turn waste into treasure". At present, in the field of feed processing, a technique of using microorganism anaerobic fermentation distiller's distiller's grains to make feed is presented, which has received high praise from the farmers. It not only rescues the cost of feed, but also narrows the pollution of the distiller's grains to the environment.

1000 kg 100 kg of dried distillers grains mix with corn flour (flour, sorghum flour, wheat flour, potato powder, can) a pack of lees fermentation agent, pour 1200 kg clean water (if it is wet, it should be appropriate to reduce water consumption, water is finally squeezed into cluster by hand, the water from the fingers between the print of winter, with warm water about 35 degrees), the bacteria activation dilution and material mixing, seal compacted mixture into a large tank or pool, summer fermentation for more than three days, the winter season can be more than seven days of feeding fermentation.

Note that the pigs need to focus on several issues,
The first freshness, the fresh distiller's grains are easily mouldy, corrupt and deteriorated, having on the health of the pigs. Second, feeding dose should be rigorously controlled and the maximum dose can exceed 20%. It is therefore proposed that pigs in 5-10% and fattening pigs 10-20% can make a record of production data according to their actual production status, so as to optimize the proportion of distillers' grains.

The fresh legs need treatment and feeding, lees production batch may be different, and the smell of alcohol lies may be too prohibitive, when excess alcohol after pretreatment to feed, can add baking soda in 0.1% acetic acid poisoning reduced integration. Fourth prevention of constipation, long term use of distiller's grains easily leads to constipation, the is focused attention on the pig faeces, timely treatment of constipation problems.

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